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Our sublimation sheets come in several different materials that provide you with a number of options for all of your sublimation needs. Each material is available in several different sizes. If you don’t see the size you’re looking for, let us know at – we can cut any size you need!

We currently offer the following sublimation sheets: Genuine one-sided Unisub Hardboard – a high quality white hardboard that produces amazingly vivid colors at a high gloss. We also have sublimation sticker sheets that range in sizes from 6×6 inches all the way to rolls with multiple feet.

We also offer compressed polyester felt sublimation material that can be easily cut with regular scissors. Both the compressed polyester and the sublimation sticker sheets can also be cut with a cutting machine.

Finally, we also offer our signature polymer coated wood in several different sizes. These are great for photos and have a unique and natural look.

All of our sublimation sheets are cut to size in our Houston, Texas workshop. These sheets are ready to ship and typically ship out next day via USPS First Class or Priority mail depending on the weight.

These sheet materials are often purchased by customers who want to create their own unique shapes. Many of our sheet materials can be cut with a simple pair of scissors, making custom shapes accessible to just about everyone. For those who have laser engraving machines, all of our material is free from harmful chemicals (such as PVC) and are safe to use in a laser cutter.