The Profit Potential of Sublimation Keychains: A Business Case

In the world of personalized items, keychains hold a special place. They are small, practical, and offer a canvas for creativity. For small businesses looking to expand their product range or individuals seeking a profitable side hustle, sublimation keychains present an excellent opportunity.

Sublimation Keychain - Pencil

The Product

Our Sublimation Keychain Pencil is a unique product that you won’t find anywhere else. We manufacture it ourselves, ensuring that you always bring new and exciting products to your customers.

The keychain is 3 inches tall and approximately 0.7 inches wide, making it the perfect size for a backpack zipper keychain. It’s made from premium Unisub brand hardboard, a white, high-gloss, single-sided material that we engrave and cut ourselves.

The Cost

The cost of each keychain is just $1.25. This low cost allows for a significant markup while still offering an affordable product to your customers.

The Potential Profit

Let’s consider the potential profit. If you were to sell each keychain for $5, a common price point for personalized keychains, your profit per keychain would be $3.75 ($5 selling price – $1.25 cost).

If you sold 100 keychains, your profit would be $375. If you sold 1,000 keychains, your profit would be $3,750. And if you sold 10,000 keychains, your profit would be a staggering $37,500.

The Market

The market for personalized items is vast. From gifts to promotional items, the potential customer base is wide. With our same-day shipping from Houston, TX, you can get your keychains in just 2-3 days, allowing you to quickly meet customer demand.

The Support

To make the personalization process easier, we include a Canva template with each order. You can edit directly from Canva or download the SVG/PNG templates.

The Conclusion

With a low cost, high potential profit, and a unique product, our Sublimation Keychain Pencil is an excellent addition to any small business or individual looking to profit from personalized items.